Newburgh Family Dental  Barbra Shea Perkins, DMD

We take tremendous pride in our ability to provide remarkable cosmetic dentistry. Our service benefits patients of all ages. Our comprehensive approach to your cosmetic concerns will prove to be educational as well as exciting. With the technology available today, we can easily and comfortably create the smile you’ve always dreamed of. We can:

1. Whiten the color of your teeth
2. Replace silver or black fillings with tooth-colored ones
3. Eliminate black lines around crowns
4. Reshape your teeth
5. Lengthen teeth that are worn or appear to be too short
6. Close gaps between teeth
7. Reduce or eliminate a “gummy smile”

What makes an extraordinary cosmetic result?

There are so many factors that contribute to achieving the best possible cosmetic result, all of which must be discussed prior to treatment. To create a natural and harmonious esthetic solution, we must consider not only the teeth size, shape, color and orientation, but also the gum tissue size and shape (because the gums frame the teeth), the lip smile line and angle (because the lips frame the gums and teeth), and the overall head and face shape. Thorough evaluation and planning will prevent the all-too-often result of teeth that are too white, too thick, too square and lined up like a white picket fence.

Whether it is teeth whitening, tooth reshaping, gum reshaping, porcelain veneers or crowns, our planning process will help you avoid these pitfalls. A natural, healthy, bright smile is what you want…and we can help you get it.