Newburgh Family Dental  Barbra Shea Perkins, DMD

Our office expertly performs a wide array of dental services for patients of all ages. We want to help you achieve all of your oral health goals through the process of communication and education. We will listen to you and educate you so that you can make informed decisions about your oral care.

We are state-of-the-art and current with all mainstream treatment options. We use porcelain, gold and composite resin as our primary restorative materials, but have other choices available as well. Our goal is to achieve the most dependable, long-lasting, and esthetic outcome that modern dentistry has to offer. From the initial oral health and cancer screening appointment to the final restoration and subsequent cleaning appointments, we will take care of your dental needs.

Are you nervous or afraid?

Talk with Dr. Perkins when you meet her and she will talk to you about various techniques and preoperative medications that she can use to make you feel more comfortable. Our goal is for you to have a visit that is as pleasant and painless as possible!

Maintaining good dental health

Every patient (even denture patients) needs to be seen at least once a year, and the vast majority of patients should visit their dentist two to four times a year. Studies show that the bacteria responsible for gum disease (gingivitis) and periodontal disease begins to accumulate on tooth surfaces below the gum line around 90 days after professional cleaning. Many patients benefit from professional cleanings that are more frequent than every six months, especially those who don’t floss daily.