Newburgh Family Dental  Barbra Shea Perkins, DMD

LASER therapy is a relatively new and exciting technology that allows us to more easily and comfortably treat a variety of oral conditions. Many of the treatments can be done with no anesthetic, and nearly all of them have no associated bleeding.

Below is a list of some common dental uses of LASER:

Cold Sores — the cold sores many people get on their lips are painful and constantly come back over and over again. LASER therapy can reduce or eliminate the pain of the sores, and even prevent them from coming back in that same location.

Canker Sores — these intra oral sores can be made virtually painless with the application of LASER.
Purple spots on the lips — these small “blood blisters” never go away and until now, have been difficult to treat. LASER treatment eliminates them in one appointment with no bleeding or sutures.

Tongue-Ties — many children (and some adults) cannot extend their tongue because of the skin attachment under the tongue. This can easily be removed with LASER.

Gummy Smiles — many people have excessive gum tissue that covers up their natural teeth making the teeth appear too short and the gums too prominent when smiling. LASER treatment can remove and reshape the gums painlessly and with no bleeding.

Gum swelling around braces — the swelling and growth of additional gum tissue can be removed around braces to help your child clean their teeth better.

Removal of nodules — The biopsy of soft tissues, like intra oral growths or nodules can be easily accomplished with LASER, and no sutures are needed.

Gum Disease — LASER therapy is useful in the treatment of some forms of gum disease. LASER aids in the sterilization of the infected sites to help promote healing.

Ask us if we can make your life more comfortable with the use of LASER technology.